I'm not a designer , a musician , or a model .
I'm only a child,
that likes more flavours on the icecream.

What's Design for me

This photo represents the shadow, just like a design metaphor.

The light invests us all the same way
and the designer has the task of making shade
with the right methods, to direct the light in the right place.
This allows us to make sense, to design in fact,
the "world" that surrounds us,
to help users solve their problems.

I'm a Communication Designer based in Milan

Here you can discover my works and my story:


Curriculum Vitae

Harmony is a lifestyle

I started playing piano when I was 12 years old.

I immediately fell in love with jazz thanks to Paolo, my first teacher.
From there I started playing with the 'La Verdi' Symphony Orchestra
and perform on the stages of the Elba Jazz Festival
and Roma Jazz Festival. I started to study singing
and to play with my brother Daniel in 'DaMa Bros',
until getting to make our first album "My World" in 2015,
produced by Mario Fargetta.
Currently I work as a pianist in Cosimo and the Hot Coals
with whom I recorded the album Louisiana Dreaming in 2018.

I have studied privately (with M ° Paolo Guarneri, M ° Laura Volpi,
M ° Fabrizio Bernasconi) until at the age of 20, when I joined
the Civic Jazz Courses in Milan.
Now I'm finishing my degree in Jazz Piano.

Here you can find me play something:



When you have one shoot

I work in the spotlight since 2013.

I started shooting for private companies, until in 2015
I joined the "Cult Milano" model agency, which allowed me
to work in the world of tv and tv series advertising.
Over the years I have had experience in advertising with
international directors and international brands
such as Walt Disney, Barilla, Mini Cooper, Juventus F.C.,
Mediaset, Daikin, Fresh Bar, Qc Terme and others.
One of my great goals was to be an actor
in the character of Rodolfo for the TV series "Alex & Co",
broadcast on Disney Channel

Disney Ch.



Biathlon Ita

available from 2020


available from March 2019

Fresh Bar

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