Martin Di Pietro
Milan, IT

Cosimo and the Hot Coals

We’re glad to have designed the brand identity of this awesome Roaring 20’s jazz band. From market analysis to the brand guidelines, through the Digital Strategy and design of the new website, we studied how to reach the target on Social Media and bring them into physically scenario of jazz events and concerts.


Cosimo and the Hot Coals


Branding, Digital, Print


Jan 19

One of the most reliable tools in human communication is storytelling. In this case, I decided to create one that represents the values of this jazz band.
“Cosimo and the Hot Coals” is a band that plays the first jazz, born in New Orleans, along the Mississippi rivers.

Each note of the trumpet player is here taken graphically with the ink sketches, the ink left by a quill pen. As a matter, the story tells how this band
dreamed of recreating the atmosphere and the sounds that invaded Louisiana in the roaring ‘20. In fact, the album is called Louisiana Dreaming.
The stamps and the stamp give the taste of an old handwritten letter and the very dynamic photographic pose, represents the carefree expedition of this letter, written as a love letter destined for a girl named Louisiana.

The new logo, with a newly designed colour palette, represent what people feel about jazz, the night and the sunrise, the elegance of the blue in contrast with the very warm colour of the trumpet and saxophone:

The new website designed to completely fit the needs and the story of the client: